Ideation: Working Title & Mood Sketches

The first steps are essential for the design process. It is a simultaneous act of discovering your vision plus design language and welcoming a flow of inspiration to start finding the right direction.

It is a mixture of mood and vision board, different mood topics, fast draft sketches - by hand or computer - and a close communication to agree on designs that fit.


Rapid & Final Prototyping

The next step is refining your selected designs with the help of 3D model drafts of the jewellery piece.

Depending on your background and wishes we either stay virtual on the computer with technical drawings or I offer you the full design process with low cost 3D printed resin models to test the designs in real size and reality before production.

If case you have your own production company, I offer finalised 3D printable documents in STL format for wax printing and lost wax casting.


Final Piece

Fotos @ David Dollmann Photography
I offer you the full design process and professional realisation of your masterpiece and masterprototype by very skilled artisans.

It is always a sparkling moment holding your finished piece of jewellery in your own hands for the first time.


Let us tell design! Concept & Storytelling

The last step is the first step. Now that you have this sparkling piece of jewellery in your hands it is all about making it public and telling its story to the people.

A concept and telling the story of the jewellery piece is not only a method of simple marketing strategy - it's what gives the piece or collection a soul, a past and a history to remember. 

Your new design concept can be holistically integrated into your exhibition design and into your external communication strategy. If you need further materials for visualising, I offer you the written storyline in short and beautiful words as well as visualising it with drawings and illustrations.