Growing up between Yemen and Germany, I learned how to speak and act in different ways. These two cultures and countries shaped and enabled me to dive into others behaviours, to empathy and to design within different languages. Being born as a child of a language school director and an artist made me speak art and design.

After receiving my diploma in Industrial Design at the University of Arts Berlin/Germany and two years of art work in Berlin, I worked several years as a jewellery designer and CAD engineer for Hans D. Krieger (fine diamond jewellery) in the German city Idar-Oberstein.
Since I fell in love with sparkling gemstones and the arts of jewels the question of what determines value is fascinating me. Since 2019 I am working as a freelance designer.

Travelling, nature, people and global culture inspires me on a daily basis. Still, I understand the design process always as a team approach, seeking and transferring your vision and language makes the final design complete.
Foto @ David Dollmann Photography